Fortune Telling

So You Want To Hire a Fortune Teller?

Preparing For Your First Session!

There are times in life where even the best of us feel down and out of luck. Maybe we are struggling with our career path or perhaps we are trying to work through complicated emotions due to the loss of a loved one. No matter how we get to this point, it can be beneficial to seek out aid from those armed with the tools to support us. In many instances, this means turning to a fortune teller like Sandra Deckinger.

Now we know what most people are thinking, how can a fortune telling service help to clarify my life? What can I expect when I hire a fortune teller to provide guidance? As it turns out, fortune telling can manifest in a broad range of skills and services, all offered by Sandra Deckinger below.

  • Tarot Card Readings - Consisting of 78 cards divided between the Minor and Major Arcana, Tarot Cards have the ability to grant us insight and clarity regarding subjects near and close to our heart. The Tarot can answer questions that we have been juggling, calm fears that we have been hosting, and even push us to act when we need to get moving.

  • Past Life Reading - What happened before we got here? A past life reading is ideal for looking at what happened before our life started on this plane. This service is often employed in conjunction with hypnosis and meditation.

  • Psychic Reading - Hiring a medium like Sandra Deckinger can be the perfect place to begin a journey toward clarity and understanding. Through a psychic reading with Sandra, clients can explore the spirit world, try to contact their guardian angels, and relay messages to and from those that we have lost.

Sandra Deckinger is a certified psychic who studied Hollister Rand and Silvia Brown. With a full range of services including in-person readings in the Bay Area, psychic relief is just a call away!